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Welcome to the world of “Naughty”. Let go of your inhibitions & let yourself drool over the delicious confectionary presented by Naughty. We promise you that you shall never forget the taste of any Naughty product and shall yearn for more & more. So what are you waiting for…? Surf the website to your hearts content and choose whatever pleased your eye…


Naughty came into existence in 1997 with the sole aim of providing excellent confectionery of all types at a low cost. Keeping this motto always at the forefront the company progressed in leaps & bounds to reach its present status. The company’s target segment was initially the tiny tots upto 13-14 years of age but soon realised that no age is exempt from the enticement of confectionary. With constant innovation the company is constantly bringing out new products each better than the previous one. It is sweet sixteen, the company now plans to expand into products like Bakery items, jelly, cold drinks & ethnic foods to name a few. In keeping with this line of thinking new items like moulded chocolate, pectin jelly & bubble gum have been added to its already alluring armoury. The dream of providing best quality at low cost has come true with hard work & zeal.


We arase extremely quality conscious so much so that there is a dedicated team of experts working in the Q.C. (quality control) section. No product is too small to escape their scrutiny and this is what makes the difference between ordinary and extra ordinary. Since we all so concerned about the quality of our products, it naturally follows that the ingredients used in production are of highest grade and purest quality. At every step of production diligent scrutiny is maintained and nothing is left to chance. This, however does not end here. Once the production & packaging has been completed to the company’s satisfaction, the onus shifts to quality marketing which includes timely & efficient delivery of goods. Thus it is evident that maintaining the highest standard of quality is the rule rather than the exception at our company and we ensure that his is what we give to our clients.


Naughty has its house in a sprawling 70,000 sq.ft. campus with a mammoth50,000 sq.ft. constructed area. Every modern machine required or this trade is available in the premises. Some of the machines are Indian while others have been imported from places like Taiwan, Japan & China. The plant is fully automated which increases efficiency & production and at the same time serves to eliminate or minimise errors. The production capacity is more than required & is capable of meeting all market demands. All the machinery has food grade stainless steel structure & is designed in such a manner that high standard of hygiene is maintained. The entire infrastructure is as per international standards & is at par with the best in the industry.

Wafers Supplier Near Me